Let's Face It:
You Could Use Some Help Getting In Front Of The Right Audience


Whether you're a startup founder, an eCommerce business owner, or a marketing agency, you know by now that content marketing is one of the most powerful ways you can grow your business today.

All of the gray-hat tactics of the last decade have been slowly chipped away at by Google (and in some cases not so slowly!).

And the only two fundamental truths that haven't changed and never will are, very simply:

  • You need good content that's relevant to your audience.
  • You need personal outreach, that's organic and relational, to spread the word with influencers in your space.

You're probably already starting to work on some solid content for your business. That's awesome.

But when it comes to outreach, you know that quality outreach takes time. Time that you don't have, because you're busy running your business and working on a lot of higher-value aspects of your business.

That's where we come in.

You hand off your outreach to us, with the peace of mind that it's being done right. All our activities are fully transparent to you.

We're even leading the field in transparency with an open source CRM integration that will give you real-time access to all of the outreach activities being done on your behalf.

And it's risk-free. If things aren't working out after a month, get a refund. No harm, no foul. If we're not knocking your socks off, then it's not a good fit and that's totally fine with us.

Interested yet? Check out the pricing.

To your success!

Fully Transparent

All of our outreach activities are fully transparent to you. You can monitor all of the emails, tweets, and blog comments we're producing in real time.


Pricing is month-to-month and you can request a refund at any time for any reason. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


All of our communication is highly personalized and handled by native English speakers. We're putting an end to the gray-hat practices of the last decade. This is outreach that you'll be proud of.


We have a mission here at Goodlinks to combat unemployment. As a customer, you'll be helping us make the world a better place, one link at a time.

How it Works

email with outreach plan

1. Get Your Custom Outreach Plan

This is 100% free - within 1 to 2 business days, we'll review your business and send you a custom influencer outreach plan, made just for you.

2. Sign Up

After reviewing your custom outreach plan, if everything looks good to you, put your credit card on file in order to get things started. Remember that you can always get a refund if you're not satisifed.

Buzzstream feed screenshot

3. Watch the Outreach

You'll be able to keep a pulse on all the outreach that's happening through the BuzzStream feed integration with our CRM. See every single communication going out and coming in, whenever you like.

google analytics screenshot

4. See Results

See results in terms of links and valuable relationships developed with influencers within weeks, and improved search engine rankings and increased referral sales within months.

    • Do-It-Yourself

      $ 500
      • One-Time Payment
      • 25 Targeted Prospects
      • 1 Custom Content Strategy
      • Personalized Pitch Formation
      • Audience Research & Analysis
      • Email/Phone Support
    • Good

      $ 1100 mo
      • Most Popular!
      • 50 Targeted Prospects
      • 300 Outreach Communications
      • 1 Custom Content Strategy
      • Personalized Pitch Formation
      • Audience Research & Analysis
      • Live Activity Monitoring
      • Email/Phone Support
    • Better

      $ 2200 mo
      • 80 Targeted Prospects
      • 600 Outreach Communications
      • 2 Custom Content Strategies
      • Personalized Pitch Formation
      • Audience Research & Analysis
      • Live Activity Monitoring
      • Email/Phone Support
    • Amazing

      $ 3300 mo
      • 110 Targeted Prospects
      • 900 Outreach Communications
      • 2 Custom Content Strategies
      • Personalized Pitch Formation
      • Audience Research & Analysis
      • Live Activity Monitoring
      • Email/Phone Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can Goodlinks help me acccomplish?

    What we do is influencer outreach - that means we help you reach out to influential people in your niche so that you can get in front of their audience. The result is that they link to you from their website or share you with their audience.

  • Is the content creation included in this pricing?

    No - you'll want to budget roughly $200 per article if you need to have content produced externally. We use Article Bunny for that generally. Another option is Audience Ops - they charge a bit more.

  • What if it doesn't work as expected?

    The risk is totally on us - if you try Goodlinks for 30 days and still don't feel like things are working out, no problem - just ask us for a refund. We'll make sure this is one of the best marketing investments you've made for your business.

  • How many links will I get?

    While we don't provide any hard guarantees for links, we like to shoot for 4-5 links with the Good plan. The results that we get will vary depending on the quality of your website as well as the content produced.

  • What kind of reporting will I get?

    We have an integration directly with our CRM which happens to be an open source project. You have full access to monitor all activity - both inbound and outbound communications (email, tweets, blog comments, phone call notes), past and present.

  • Is there a free trial?

    No, we don't offer a free trial. Because we have a paid team member assigned from day 1, it's not really possible to offer a fully free trial. However, there is a risk-free trial in the sense that you can request a refund for the current month at any time.

The Team

  • Kalen Jordan is the founder of Goodlinks and MageMail, a cohost of MageTalk, and a proud husband and dad.

  • Katie Dillman is an outreach specialist and founder of Make Our Day based out of Phuket, Thailand.

  • Matthew Wilson is a communications coordinator and also a fan of music, graphic design, and cooking.


  • Dhru Purohit is the CEO of Dr. Hyman Enterprises, the co-Founder of the Clean Program, and a contributing author to two New York times best sellers.

  • Kurt Theobald is the CEO of Classy Llama - a veteran Magento Gold Solutions Partner as well -as the Founder of Nucleus Commerce.

  • Steve Deckert is a digital marketer and Co-Founder of Sweet Tooth, the leading loyalty program software for eCommerce businesses.

  • Paul Rogers co-owns a boutique, London-based eCommerce agency called GPMD and also founded Audited.org.

The Mission

While internet-enabled businesses are seeing massive growth, the economy at large is struggling, and, in many places unemployment rates are skyrocketing.

There is a massively untapped pool of talent out there waiting to be tapped.

We're going to work with industry-leading content marketers to develop a training fellowship to accelerate their education.

Equipped with excellent training, mentorship, accountability, and best-in-class tools, in a matter of weeks new recruits will be up to speed working on live customer projects, while continuing to level up their skills through ongoing training.

Andela is a business that has an excellent model for this - with a campus and training fellowship in Lagos, Nigeria, they are recruiting and developing world class software engineering talent, while creating high-paying jobs for local Nigerians.

We plan to do the same in the content outreach space.

What People Are Saying

Your outreach style is exactly what I've been looking for. The hyper personal and unique emails (on top of your template which has the pitch), is great and actually human, which is something I've always done with my own outreach”
-- Duane, Marketing Manager with a leading SaaS in the Alexa Top 500

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